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Chaplains provide comfort, support, and care to individuals, families, and victims of all faith backgrounds facing crisis and can be a huge asset to a church or other faith community to help leaders provide crisis response care. Trained and licensed chaplains are an excellent resource to help those impacted by sexual abuse and exploitation both inside and outside the church.

But where can a church, faith community, or individual start to become a chaplain or form a chaplain corps? Chaplaincy is a unique faith-based service that offers people the opportunity to use gifts and talents to help others facing a crisis. Do you have the gift of mercy? Are you passionate about helping hurting people? Are you naturally compassionate and caring? Are you good in a crisis? Do you thrive under pressure? Do you naturally rush towards crises while others run away? Perhaps serving as a chaplain in your community would be a good use of your time, talent, and resources.

Are you interested in becoming a chaplain to serve your faith community in ministering to those impacted by sexual abuse and exploitation? Do you want to develop a chaplain corps to serve your faith community?

Illuminate presents practical chaplaincy workshops for local churches, schools, government agencies, law enforcement, first responders, businesses, and community organizations. Connect with Trish to see how she can help you establish a chaplaincy presence in your church or organization to help you better serve the hurting in your faith community.


“A professionally trained chaplain can be a critical element of any sexual abuse and exploitation care team. They are called, trained, and ready to serve.”

– Trish Propson

“I called the church down the street because at some level I knew we needed God to get us through this mess. They referred me to a Rape Hotline. That was more destructive because we needed someone to help us not someone on a phone far away. Maybe God isn’t the answer.”

– Parent of Rape Victim

“We had no idea what to do. The church leaders didn’t know what to do. We were devastated, our daughter was devastated. We are so grateful for your gentle guidance as we suffered through the worst night of our life.”

– Law Enforcement Chaplain

“Sexual abuse is the hardest. Thanks for training us on how to better serve officers and victims in a sexual assault incident.”  

– Law Enforcement Chaplain

“I have always wanted to help sexual assault and trafficking victims. I didn’t know how to get involved. This chaplain training was amazing. I think we need this in our community. Maybe I will be the first.

– Training participant

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