Turning 50 churns up all kinds of new thoughts and ideas. Studying my aging face recently, I lamented obvious signs of having lived over half a century. Pondering what a woman in my condition was to do, a perfectly logical idea popped into my head.

Face Spackle! That’s what I need. Spackle, that wonderful household compound used for everything from repairing cracks and filling holes, to plugging leaks and tightening loose connections. A junk drawer favorite is also useful for smoothing out rough spots and repairing minor surface abrasions.

Silly me. I thought I had a brilliant new idea. Turns out the face spackling industry is a multi-million dollar profit center with over 1,400,000 products currently available. They don’t dare call it face spackle, of course. The branding experts who reign over my middle-aged world have creative titles for this magic formulation like Prime Time Brightener, Instant Perfection, Micro Perfecting Gel, Photo Finish Primer, Velvet Touch Skin Smoother, and my personal favorite, Clean Slate.

I began asking other women if they knew about face spackle. Of course they all did and enthusiastically recommended their favorites, which ranged from high-end cosmetic anti-aging serum that sells for about $120.00 an ounce, to natural remedies like beeswax from the local farmers market. One woman even suggested Monistat 7, which as you may know, was not originally intended for face spackling purposes.

I went on my own search to find something cheap, effective, and not too embarrassing. There it was, calling out to me from the clearance rack at my local pharmacy. Transparent face primer at $3.49 a tube. I snatched it up and rushed home to try it immediately. Surprisingly, it did cover some flaws, my make-up went on smoother, and my face appeared younger. Everyone I saw that day commented on how great I looked.

What was it about this simple product that made such a noticeable difference? It wasn’t that my skin was different. I hadn’t changed my make-up or how I applied it, and it certainly wasn’t a new, more youthful me staring back from the mirror. What changed, I realized, was the foundation I put under my make-up. And that got me thinking. If a simple topical fix like face spackle could drastically alter my outward appearance, what would a little soul spackle do for the inside?

Could I apply the same principles for fixing cracked relationships, filling holes of disappointment, restoring broken dreams, tightening loose connections with other people, repairing rough spots in my family, and smoothing over those minor irritations in life?

Soul Spackle; not a new miracle product–the principles have been around for thousands of years–but mixing it all together into one radiant new formulation might just help fix and replenish your life. Consider these applications:

Fixing damaged relationships- Blend and apply one part kindness, one part goodness, and one part gentleness to restore and revive broken relationships.

Tackling disappointment- Someone once told me to battle disappointment by reaching out to someone else who feels discouraged. Encourage them and by doing that, you will encourage yourself.

Restoring broken dreams- Sometimes, we get lost on our journey through life. Rediscover joy for your passions and your soul may light back up and start to sing along with you.

Tighten connections- Have you let anger, disappointment, resentment, and fear disconnect relationships with the people you love? Learning to control your emotional responses can help reestablish tight bonds with the people closest to you.

Repairing rough spots- Everyone experiences conflict in daily life. How are you doing with forgiveness? Resolving conflict daily and using a gentle word towards an enemy can smooth over rough spots in most relationships.

Minor irritations- They are everywhere, every day. We can’t control the little inconveniences that bombard us in life, but if we respond with patience and understanding, they will cause less wear and tear on our souls.

What do you think? Would a little soul spackle help repair what’s missing in the foundation of your world? Maybe applying some of these foundational principles to your life will renew and revive your soul. Oh, and to take care of the exterior while you work on the inside, I recommend Rimmel Fix and Perfect Foundation Primer, or Monistat 7 whichever works best for you!