Student Event Topics

Illuminate topics for college and student events. retreats and camps are adapted to provide an age-appropriate message to inspire youth to better understand themselves, their family relationships, and their relationship with God. These are important topics that impact youth all across our nation regardless of their faith background. This program is easily adapted to fit in a secular setting. These programs are also available as secular events for schools and other youth organizations. Programs for schools offer additional tie-ins to bullying, violence, teen suicide, making a difference in peer groups, and substance abuse.

“The LORD is my light and my salvation — whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life — of whom shall I be afraid?” – Psalm 27:1

Father to the Fatherless

As a young girl, abandoned by her father, Trish knows firsthand, the devastation caused by absent fathers. This honest and real program deals with issues teens face in the current culture of missing, distant, and uninvolved fathers. This program respectfully uncovers the role of fathers, God's design for fathers, and why we need fathers. Role-playing, intensive personal workshops, and a journey to the cross can help attendees act in their relationships with their dads. This program can be adapted for one-hour or three-day events.

Outlivin' The Lies

Do you feel lost, alone, or confused? Have you felt the despair of hopelessness? Are you letting the lies of the world define who you are? Using the abuse and hopelessness from her own teen years, Trish exposes the lies we believe and encourages attendees to embrace the truth about who they are designed to be in Christ.


Students learn to rewrite the messages they believe. God transforms hearts with a path to live as a "new creation." Unpack who they are in Christ, how they are designed, and find joy to live for Him. Looking at things like personality, pace, talents, personal preferences, passions, and spiritual gifts, students find their identity.

This topic is also available as a parent session to help parents understand who their children are created to be. It is also available as a secular event called Metamorphosis for schools and other youth organizations.

There Is Only One You (Student edition)

This topic is available as a youth adaptation of the same women's retreat topic. We hear that we are all unique, special, fearfully, and wonderfully made, but do we believe it? Do we really believe that there is only one of us, that we matter, and that we are special to God? In this winter snowflake-themed topic Trish shares her story of growing up in a violent, abusive home, bound by atheism. She was hopeless and filled with despair until she met Jesus. She offers real-life, practical ways to encounter God the creator, protector, and redeemer.

What past attendees are saying:

“This program is exactly what I needed. I have never shared my dad’s abuse with anyone. Kind of stuffed it down so far that it would never come out, at least that is what I thought. It was hurting me, defining me, and ruining my life. Maybe now I can take an honest look at my life.”

– College student

“When you have issues like teen suicide, drugs, bullying, and pregnancy in your school, it is hard to remember what is true and right. This program reminded me and my friends that there is good in all of us, we just have to find it.”

– High school student

“Life is hard and I struggle with a lot of issues. I never realized that God cares about who He made me to be. That means more than who I think I am supposed to be.”

– High school student

“Trish is a remarkable speaker with a lot of life experiences to teach about. She brought our relationship closer with all the ‘extras’ we did throughout the weekend.”

– Mother of a teen daughter

“I put my knife in the fire. It was the thing that held all the lies and shame to hurt myself with. It is gone. I’ve been set free.”

– 17-year-old self-mutilation survivor

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