Connecting with Christ at Passover

Have you ever wondered what Kosher actually means? Are you confused about how Passover and Easter fit together and why it matters? Would you like to experience what happened at the Last Supper? A Passover Seder event is a perfect opportunity for people of all ages and faith backgrounds to connect with Christ each year.

The Old Testament books of the Bible are not random stories recounting wars and famine. The New Testament is not a confusing book of dos and don’ts. Together they reveal a beautiful tapestry of love and passion that connects us to the Creator of the universe. Understanding Jewish history, culture, and tradition helps connect people with the God of the Bible in a deeper way.

Connecting with Christ at Passover: A Symbolic Seder Event with a book by the same name, helps you understand God’s plan for his people Last Supper, a Seder Passover meal that links the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible. Bible references lead you through the Word of God as you experience the rich symbolism of the ancient tradition of the Passover Seder. This interactive topic is perfect for families, small groups, or large Passover events.

The interactive format provides easy-to-understand teaching about kosher food, the Hebrew words of Passover, how to prepare for the Passover, and hosting a Passover Seder. It provided practical tips on table settings, and shopping lists and includes recipes, craft activities, and resources for everything you need to easily host a Passover Seder. A special section helps people who are seeking Jesus connect with Him for the first time. Bible references lead you through the Word of God as you experience the rich symbolism of the ancient tradition of the Passover Seder. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the God of the Bible. This Passover Seder event follows an interactive format with excerpts and scripts from Connecting with Christ at Passover: A Symbolic Seder Experience.

The event can include:

• Traditional Kosher Passover Meal
• Interactive Seder Dinner
• Shofar Demonstration (where available)
• Traditional Jewish Dance
• Introduction to Hebrew
• Photo presentation from the Holy Lands

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“This was the coolest thing ever. I have learned so much about God and Jesus at this event. I am going to read the Bible in a new way now.”

– Father of three

“I am Jewish. I have been practicing the Seder my whole life. I never knew why Christians cared about it. Now I do. Maybe there is something to this New Testament thing. “

– 71-year-old attendee

“I have been attending Mass since birth. I have recited those verses and taken communion my whole life. I never knew why or what the words meant. This changes everything.”

– 70-year-old man

This book is so great. It is written in a way I can understand and can share with my children. The event made it all come alive. We are going to host a Seder next year in our home.”

– Mother of five

Raising Little Women of God

Raising Little Women of God helps biological and spiritual mothers, grandmothers, and mentors prioritize their relationship with their daughters and provides a vital tool to help regain their authority, trust, and position as their daughter’s spiritual mentors. With an emphasis on table manners, character traits, and social etiquette, mothers and daughters can learn how to glorify God together. This study is a foundational relationship builder for mothers and daughters to prepare them for a lifelong love relationship with God and one another. Raising Little Women of God helps girls understand that outward behaviors are a picture of the inward relationship they have with Christ, and in order to be hearers of the Word, they must be doers also.

I never heard the words ‘I love you’ from my own mother. The pain and suffering I endured through that relationship have equipped me to help other mothers and daughters learn to cherish, accept, and love one another as they learn and grow on the journey that God has for them together. Raising Little Women of God: A mother Daughter Discipleship Journey is a fun, interactive, creative, and challenging program for girls in the 9-13 age range with their mothers or another spiritual mentor leading them as mentor and guide. It can be used one-on-one by a mother and daughter, in a small group setting with up to ten girls and their mothers, or in a classroom setting with mothers/daughters and an instructor. It is written as a twelve-week study and is designed as a two-book set including the Mother’s Guidebook and the Daughter’s Handbook. Because of the journaling and project component, each mentor and student will need her own book.

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Start a Raising Little Women of God Small Group

Raising Little Women of God helps young girls understand that outward behaviors are a picture of the inward relationship they have with Christ, and in order to be hearers of the Word, they must be doers also. With their mother or another caring adult as their guide, delightful stories, practical teaching about Godly character traits, social etiquette, and table manners will equip them to love others and live out their faith as visible lights in a darkening world.

If you choose to use Raising Little Women of God in a small group setting, prepare to have a fun and life-changing experience with others! Each member of the group, mothers, and daughters will need their own Guidebook or Handbook. This study works very well in a small group setting and can actually be enhanced and expanded when mothers and daughters join together on the journey.

Raising Little Women of God Events

Are you interested in hosting a fun, interactive, and life-changing mother-daughter event in your church, school, or organization? Consider bringing a Raising Little Women of God event to your location and watch God take the mother-Daughter relationships in your group to the next level. This material is suitable for luncheons, mother-daughter events, or full weekend retreats. This program can include large group sessions, breakout groups, action challenges, role-playing, and crafts and activities.

Raising Little Women of God Tea Parties

Looking for a light, fun, and fancy event for the mothers and daughters of all ages in your group? Perfect for a luncheon or mother/daughter event, Mom and Me Time for Tea might be just what you are looking for.

This topic is adapted from the Raising Little Women of God Curriculum. Emphasis is on social etiquette and how our behavior reflects the God we serve. This material provides fun mother/daughter interaction with stories, role-playing, and skits. It is geared for girls ages 6-26 and their mothers although women of all ages will enjoy this fun and fancy event. A faith-based message about manners and how our outward behaviors influence those around us along with practical challenges will help strengthen our relationships. Mom and Me: Time for Tea Program includes food service, table manners activities, role-playing, team-building activities, and creative craft ideas.

“I have purchased lots of mother/daughter materials over the years and most of them are still sitting on my shelf. This study was awesome and gave me exactly what I was looking for to succeed in teaching my daughters Biblical truth in a practical way.”

– Mother of two girls

“I like that I am learning good manners. Sometimes people tell me what a polite young lady I am and that makes me feel good about myself. It helps me be a better person and that makes my mom and God happy!”

– 8-year-old girl

“Little Women of God is great. I love the stories about Molly and Rhonda. It helps me understand the Bible and how to use it in my everyday life.”

– 10-year-old girl

“I love our small group. It brings my daughter and me closer to God and one another. The group activities are fun, and we always leave feeling uplifted and united.”

– Mother of a nine-year-old daughter

“It is hard to find positive activities to do with my daughters. This small group has given me the perfect opportunity to share quality time with them.”

– Mother of two girls

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