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You, LORD, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light. – Psalm 18:28

Broken or Beautiful

Using the analogy of sea glass, this program helps attendees better understand the brokenness in their own lives and how they can bring that to the foot of the cross. Trish's personal story approach makes this difficult topic real to women of all ages who have been exposed to challenging times in their own lives. Speaking sessions can be presented in one-hour, half-day, or full-day programs. Additional role-playing and team-building exercises can be added for extra impact.

Forever Friends

What does it mean to be a friend? Have you felt jealous of someone surrounded by friends or wished that you were part of the "popular" group? God designed us for relationships and understands our deepest longings. He has a perfect plan for a perfect friendship. Designed for women and girls who long for deeper friendships, and want to heal the friendships they have, this talk explores the foundational truth of what it means to be a Friend of God and Friend to Friends and Friend to the Friendless. This is an excellent topic for a full retreat weekend, day-long event, or luncheon.

What Do I Have to Give? The Legend of the Poinsettia

Have you ever felt worthless? Have you doubted whether your life matters? This Christmas-themed talk provides a foundation reminding women that their value and worth can only be found in God. Using the story of a lonely peasant girl, Trish weaves an impacting message about how God sees our value. No matter who we are and who the world has told us we are, all of us have something to offer the King. This is an interactive talk with a history of poinsettias woven into the message.

Stitched Together by God: Patterns for beautiful relationships

This program uses a quilting allegory to develop relationships with the people God places in our path. This is a light, story-based session geared toward new and non-believers and unfolds as a challenge to apply biblical truth to relationships with God and others. Describing five patterns for beautiful relationships, Trish challenges women to attend to the relationships in their lives and pursue the most important relationship of all, their relationship with God. This program is perfect for a women's day, craft retreat, or luncheon.

There Is Only One You

We hear that we are all unique, special, fearfully, and wonderfully made, but do we believe it? Do we really believe that there is only one of us, that we matter, and that we are special to God? In this winter snowflake-themed topic Trish shares her story of growing up in a violent, abusive home, bound by atheism. She was hopeless and filled with despair until she met Jesus. She offers real-life, practical ways to encounter God the creator, protector, and redeemer.

The Alabaster Box

What is an Alabaster box? Why was Spikenard valuable? What do stories about perfume have to do with living as a fragrant offering? Women are challenged to look at their own faith journey and assess the aroma they are offering up to God. This interactive event draws women to the feet of Jesus to surrender their hearts and souls as an offering. The Alabaster Box event is perfect for a luncheon or interactive women’s day event. An optional slide show from the holy lands and interactive essential oil perfume-making activity are available.

Bloom Where You're Planted: How to thrive and grow in your circumstance

Her painful childhood and young adult journey through abuse, Trish uses a gardening analogy to encourage women to set aside the past and thrive in the present no matter what their circumstances are. Drawing closer to God will help you bloom and grow right where you are no matter your circumstance. This talk includes an interactive gardening feature that helps women take away some tangible applications for changing their lives and relationships.

Broken or Beautiful: One Woman’s Journey to Find Freedom (Military & first responders)

Life can break you down. Life for women in the military, military wives, and female first responders poses unique challenges. Trish shares a relatable message using the pain from her military and law enforcement experience. She encourages women to turn their broken hearts, minds, and spirits over to God and enter into a beautiful life of freedom. This message is appropriately altered for secular audiences without negating the truth of the Gospel and God's redemption story.

What past attendees are saying:

“This was a perfect blend of engaging and powerful. Our women were somberly delighted with this program.”

– Women’s Event Coordinator

“I thought this was going to be a fluffy little Christmas topic. I liked the teaching about poinsettias. but the stories pierced my heart. A good reminder of what Christmas is all about.”

– Christmas brunch guest

“The story of Pepita could have been my story. I wept through the whole thing. But the hope the speaker left me with is powerful. I am running back to God today.”

– Women’s event guest

“Great speaker. One of the best I’ve heard. Trish was transparent, real, and endearing. Women were changed today.”

– Women’s Event Coordinator

“I’m lonely but I can’t really show that because I have to be tough. I am in the field, and it is rough. I need help but don’t know where to turn. Thanks for reminding me that God is always near.”

– Female Law enforcement officer

“Hatred is a confusing emotion. You don’t know where hatred for the man who did this to me starts and the hatred for myself for allowing it ends. I don’t want to hate anymore. I want to be healed. I know I can-I am more than my abuse.”

– Single mother

“I have never told anyone about my childhood sexual abuse. I have stuffed it away all these years and it has eaten me like a cancer. Tonight, I found freedom in releasing it and speaking those horrible words for the first time.”

– 60-year-old sexual abuse survivor

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